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Monday to Friday 08h00 to 17h00
Saturdays 08h00 to 13h00
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Monday to Friday 08h00 to 17h00
Saturdays 08h00 to 13h00
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

1. We accept cash, cheques, Visa & Mastercard credit cards.
3. COD goods cannot be off-loaded until full payment is received.

1. There is a set fee for local deliveries (Mossel Bay & George). Click here.
2. Detailed fees available for greater distances. Click here.
3. Delivery to site: ground level within 3m of access.

1. NO cash refunds.
2. Goods correctly supplied will incur a 20% handling fee.
3. Ordered / Custom Goods are NOT returnable.

Our highly skilled moulding department are able to reproduce moulds off existing items e.g. historical buildings. Items manufactured according to Architect's specifications e.g. window sills, pediments, arches, copings, pier caps, etc. We have extensive experience and have supplied products for major projects: Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

The ornaments you choose can be coloured to blend in with the interior or exterior décor of your home, the cost of which will be 25% added to the price of the product.

The material contained in our website and brochure is provided for general information purposes and does not constitute legal or other professional advice.

GC Concrete will not be held liable or responsible for loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information cotnain in the brochure or website.

  1. All goods reman the sole property of GC Concrete until fully paid for.

  2. All goods are on a COD basis and goods will not be left onsite until fully paid for.

  3. All risks shall pass to the Purchaser upond delivery of goods.

  4. GC Concrete will not be held responsible for an engineering drawings.

  5. Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days only, otherwise agreed to in writing.

  6. There is a set fee for delivery (see below), please enquire before ordering goods.

  7. Delivery will only be done if the placement is within 3m of access.

  8. Goods correctly supplied and returned by the purchaser will attract a 20% handling charge.

  9. Custom made goods are not returnable for credit.

  10. Goods can be coloured to blend in with the interior or exterior dècor of your home at an additional cost of 25%.

  11. Under no circumstances may goods be copied or duplicated in anyway.


Column prices include Caps and Bases

  • Caps and Bases can be sold separately

  • Please quote overall height including Cap and Base

  • Please order in good time

  • Pilasters (split columns) can be ordered for most columns at 75% of retail price

  • NB! Columns are made in 3 or more parts

  • When ordering please specify if extra reinforcing is needed for e.g. structural pillars

  • (S) Charge per cut R60.00

  • (L) Charge per cut R150.00


  • The concrete foundations are to be design and the soil conditions must be prepared correctly for each Column.

  • The size and weight of the column must be taken into account as well as any anticipated external forces. A typical layout of the foundation would be 600 x 600 x 230mm.

  • A hole must be drilled into the foundation and epoxy in one or more steel rods roughly 10mm

  • The rods must be positioned so that they are in line with the hole in the centre of the precast base and should be as near to the sides of the holes so as not to clash with the reinforcing of the shaft. These rods can be positioned prior to casting the foundation.

  • The base is then positioned over the rods and is bedded down using a strong mortar (2 parts crusher sand to 1 part volume cement).

  • Ensure that the hole is not filled. The bases should stand for at least 1 day before the positioning of the columns.


There is a set fee for local deliveries (Mossel Bay & George - see below). Detailed fees available for greater distances (see below).

Delivery to site: ground level within 3m of access

Delivery Fees


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